Who We Are

Vered Wealth Management (Canada) Company Limited is an independent investment firm that dedicated to offering carefully curated investment solutions and value-added services. 

Our brand, “Prudence,” “Wisdom,” “Solution,” speaks to the careful attention we pay to tailor an investment portfolio to meet your needs and the humble, hardworking approach we bring to the stewardship of our clients investment assets.

At Vered, we evaluate global investment markets quickly, efficiently and continuously to look for hidden opportunities and manage risk. We always look to the future to provide you with improved solutions and better ways to invest.

Our Philosophy

Value investing – We look for long-term investments. We avoid short-term nosey and speculative investing.

Global diversification – Portfolios are structured by different asset classes and strategies from different regions.

Active management – We employ a dynamic approach with combined top-down asset allocation and bottom-up security selection.

Sophisticated risk management – We employ tactical risk management tools to manage the risk. Low-risk growth is our priority.

Disciplined investing – Execution of pre-defined investment strategies with ongoing monitoring and rebalancing.

What We Do

Working closely with our partners*,  we can also refer you to the services below.

For more information, please contact with our IAs.
*Our partners are NOT members of IIROC or CIPF.


CEO, Investment Advisor

Portfolio Manager, EVP, Director

Product Research Coordinator

Compliance Officer

VWMC Business Partners

*Blakes Law Firm and Walsh King LLP is not a member of IIROC or CIPF

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David Lu

Chief Executive Officer, Director

Investment Advisor

With more than two decades of experience in the financial industry, David believes the modern investment is primarily on scientific reasoning guided by tactical asset allocation and sophisticated risk management. David avoids short-term nosey and speculative trading. With this in mind, David helps his clients achieve a wealthy state of mind regardless of the market conditions. David offers sound advice and a unique perspective on investing and being opportunistic in today’s market. David advises clients on investing, personal finance, business, wealth transfer and philanthropic planning.

David likes to golf and ski in his leisure time.

Scott cheng

Scott Cheng

Portfolio Manager, EVP, Director

As a well-respected investment professional, Scott Cheng joins Vered Private Wealth Management (Canada) with over 20 years of successful investment career in both Canada and China. Since 2001, Scott had worked at Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan (one of the largest and most sophisticated pension funds in Canada with assets over $200 billion). As a Portfolio Manager there, Scott oversaw global equity portfolios with assets over $1 billion. From his long career in investment management, Scott has developed deep understanding of economic conditions and capital market dynamics, strong skills in fundamental research of global sectors and companies, and expertise in portfolio construction, management and risk control.

Scott obtained his undergraduate degree in International Finance from Fudan University in China, and his MBA degree from University of Toronto. He is a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) charterholder since 2002. Scott speaks English and Mandarin.

Casey spreeuw

Casey Spreeuw

Chief Financial Officer

As a Character Public Accountant Casey cut his teeth in the investment industry during a decade with the Vancouver Stock Exchange, penultimately as its Chief Examiner. After a short stint as a Financial Compliance manager with the Investment Dealers Association and a hiatus for several years in Amsterdam Casey returned to his investment industry roots working with new and existing firms as a free-lance financial and sales compliance professional, ultimately focusing on start-up IIROC new member firms.

Vered is the opportunity for Casey to bring his wealth and breadth of investment industry accounting experience to bear, building a strong foundation for Vered’s success.

After securing a Diploma of Technology in Computer Systems from the British Columbia Institute of Technology in 1982 Casey carried on completing his Bachelor of Commerce degree in accounting with the University of British Columbia in 1987, and after articling with an international accounting firm becoming a Chartered Accountant in 1989.

Casey likes cycling, skiing, community choir and volunteering with Scouts Canada in his leisure time.

Rex Zheng

Investment Advisor

Rex dedicates himself to constructing well-rounded wealth plans and generating great investment ideas for his clients. He believes that the future is full of surprises and thus prefers to invest in businesses with less uncertainty and more predictable cash flows and growth trajectory. He also believes that an in-depth and distinctive understanding of the market along with patience is the key to a stable and healthy return for his clients in the long term.

Prior to joining VWMC, Rex worked as an investment advisor for a local, independent securities firm. He also had years of experience both locally and abroad in data science and management consulting. Rex holds a bachelor’s degree in Psychology from UBC. He attained both an MBA and a Master of Science in Finance degrees from Boston College Carroll School of Management in the US.

Marshal Liu

黄晏 Yan Huang

Compliance Officer

Ms. Yan Huang’s career in the securities industry began in the turbulent 1990s in China, then worked for 15 years in the Canadian securities industry.  She has developed an expertise in processing, reconciliation, supervision, and compliance review. She is also a certified Project Manager (PMP®).


As CCO, Yan is committed to designing and implementing effective compliance programs to ensure Vered Wealth Management operates within legal and ethical boundaries. Her experiences and knowledge of regulatory requirements makes her well-equipped to identify and mitigate compliance risks, and she has a vision for maintaining the firm’s reputation for integrity and responsible business practices.


When she’s not at work, Yan enjoys hiking, cooking, and reading.

Marshal Liu

温哥华 Vancouver

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Suite 2500 – 1075 West Georgia Street

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Head Office

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