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Marshal Liu 刘庚


刘庚在加拿大温莎大学获得国际会计和金融专业硕士学位。他拥有12年加拿大金融服务从业经验,先后获得保险经纪(MDRT 百万圆桌成员)、注册退休投资规划顾问、公募基金销售等资质和执照,近期又成功成为IIROC 持牌投资顾问。刘庚主要从事金融资产投资、财富管理及规划等。多年来,他利用自己的专业知识,成功帮助加拿大年轻的高净值专业人士和中国大陆新移民投资北美金融市场,实现财富保值增值和代际传承。他擅长深入理解客户需求,根据客户投资特点和目标提供长期财富增长、传承方案。业余时间里刘庚热爱生活,喜欢足球、健身和音乐。他是两个可爱孩子的父亲,正和他们一起携手在人生道路上追逐梦想。

温哥华 Vancouver

办公室 Office

Suite 2500 – 1075 West Georgia Street

Vancouver, BC V6E 3C9


Head Office

Suite 2500 – 1075 West Georgia Street

Vancouver, BC V6E 3C9

David Lu

Chief Executive Officer, Director

Investment Advisor

With more than two decades of experience in the financial industry, David believes the modern investment is primarily on scientific reasoning guided by tactical asset allocation and sophisticated risk management. David avoids short-term nosey and speculative trading. With this in mind, David helps his clients achieve a wealthy state of mind regardless of the market conditions. David offers sound advice and a unique perspective on investing and being opportunistic in today’s market. David advises clients on investing, personal finance, business, wealth transfer and philanthropic planning.

David likes to golf and ski in his leisure time.